Crystal Radio Gallery & Sales

These beautiful radios are for sale! Please inquire for the pricing and other details. Indicate the radio you wish by mentioning the part number and the name given to the radio. You may contact me (Tom Kipgen) at any time and I'll get back to you quickly.

  The Crystal Cyclops

  #X-68 A good eye for what looks great.

  Rebuld for $275

  Marlin Crystal Radio

  #X-67 More blue than the webmaster can handle !!!

  Rebuld for $230

Crystal Radio

  Chris Craft Crystal Set

  #X-66 Wood Wood Wood !!!

  Rebuld for $235

Canned Ham Crystal Radio for 2013

  Canned Ham 2013 Crystal Set

  #X-65 A Tasty Radio!


B1 Crystal Set for 2013

  B-1 Crystal 2013 Set

  #X-64 Old Looking Crystal Radio

  Rebuld for $260

  The Alamo Crystal Set

  #X-63 Davy's Delightful Detector


  The Canned Ham Crystal Set

  #X-62 Looks good enough to eat!


  The E.T. Crystal Set

  #X-61 Out of this world crystal set!


  The Aristocrat Crystal Set

  #X-60 Be one of the 1% with this radio!


B1 Bomber Radio

  B-1 Bomber Crystal Radio

  #X-59 Made from parts to a B1 Bomber.


Tom's Designer Crystal Radio, Green Felt Crystal Radio

  The Green Felt Crystal Radio

  #X-58A crystal radio with a solid state amplifier.


Tom's Designer Crystal Radio, The Emerald and Brass

  The Emerald And Brass Crystal Radio

  #X-57Another new radio for 2012. Green with envy!


Tom's Designer Crystal Radio, The Brass Tack

  The Brass Tack Crystal Set

  #X-56 New for 2012. Very elegant!


The 3 Slider Crystal Set

  The 3 Slider

  #X-50 Radio like grandpa used to use!


The Powderpuff Crystal Radio

  The Powder Puff

 #X-51 Nose Powder Puff Crystal Radio ~ Nothing to sneeze at!


Crystal Lighthouse Radio

  Crystal Lighthouse

 #X-52 Crystal set that beams in the signals!

  Rebuild $290

All Wave Crystal Radio

  All-Wave Radio

  #X-53 MW and SW crystal radio.


Inkwell Crystal Radio


  #X-54 Crystal radio, without the mess.

  Rebuld $280

Crystal Cube Radio

  Crystal Cube Radio

  #X-55 A see-through crystal set. Bulletproof too! Great for drive by-dxing.