The Winking Wedge Radio

Magic Eye Type Regenerative Radio

This set uses an EM83 magic eye tube which features TWO indicator screens. In this set one screen fluctuates with the signal strength to aid in tuning. The other screen shows modulation variations and is very active.

The tube sits on top of the main coil and the primary coil both of which are wound on a clear acrylic tube using Tattoo Coil wire. The radio operates with headphones but I use my computer speakers so I can listen and work at the same time. The only problem is I find myself watching that tube all the time and get very little work done.

Brass binding posts for antenna and ground connections are mounted on the back panel along with banana jacks for the A and B voltage. The cabinet is solid Mahogany stained and shaded before being finished with nitro celluloses lacquer. The tuning knob is also made of Mahogany and has a brass core with set screws.

Download this 1.8 mb short movie of the display working!

This is a very striking set to look at and a real joy to watch! Who ever said TV is the only reciever we watch?? The circuit is the first one on the page. The only change I made was to leave out the 1 mh rf choke. This radio requires 6.3 volts ac and 170 volts dc to operate.

Please e-mail me for price and availability. Order: #T-014

Magic Eye Type Regenerative Radio
Magic Eye Type Regenerative Radio