Tube Amplifier

Two Tube Audio Amplifier

This little beauty was made using Dave's schematic for his 12AX7-6N6 Amplifier and it is everything Dave says it is and more. The tone controls are fantastic! My only contribution was a wood cabinet and my ears to feast on the success!

I chose to 'sink' the tubes into the top plate by mounting the sockets on the underneath side of the plate. I also did all the wiring on a copper clad board and then glued it to the plate. This made wiring a little difficult since the cabinet is 3" deep.

Both transformers are mounted on top of the main plate and housed under the 'upstairs' box. This schematic is a bit component-intense than anything I've attempted before and so several (probably 30) re-wires were required to get it right. I'm getting fairly good at de-soldering :)

The cabinets are constructed of Tiger Maple and padauk and measures 8" long, 6" wide and 6" tall at the transformer box. Box joints are very stout and add a lot to the visual aspect of any cabinet. Even the knobs are a combination of the two wood species and were turned barrel shaped. The ports for input, output, power cord and the on-off switch were made of Maple and then inlaid into the back panel. Those nifty brass labels are an invention of mine and add a little class to the project.

This little gem is not for least not until I build a replacement for it, if I ever do! Thanks for looking.

Two Tube Audio Amplifier