Padauk/Black Walnut EM83 Radio

Regenerative Radio

The cabinet for this set was made from a form that has a 6” diameter peak rather than a 4” one. It is not as pointed as the previous and offers a new look for the set. Mr. Schmarder advised that I should steer away from sticking tubes out of the tops of these cathedral radios but I thought I would try this one anyway. Fiddle back maple was used for the top, sides, front panel and dial bezel. The speaker grill and the skirt on the tuning knob are both recessed into the front panel which provides a new and interesting look for the front. Both the grill and the skirt were made of padauk wood to help them stand out from the maple even when recessed. The footing for the tube’s socket had to be mated perfectly with the inside curve of the top of the dome. Here guitar making techniques really came to the rescue for me.

The glass crystal for the dial has the deepest arch of any I have seen and is very nice indeed. The dial face is a Zenith from 1936 and the brass pointer was made by me. All brass screws on the front of the set are polished to a high luster for maximum eye appeal. Both knobs are solid brass.

The tube for the set is an EM83 magic eye with two green beacons that vacillate with station tuning on the left and modulation changes on the right. As much fun as watching TV! A 396pF variable capacitor was used with a toroidal coil to form the tank for the radio and a trimmer capacitor couples the antenna to it. The trimmer is set at 40pF and when this is added to the actual pF reading of the tuning capacitor the total dictates the coil to be wound to 177µH using 175/46 litz wire to tune the top of the band.

Please e-mail me for price and availability. Order: #T-054.

Regenerative Radio