Wooden Radio Knobs

Handmade Radio Knobs

I am so excited to be able to offer my wood knobs for sale. They already grace a number of my sets and even one of Dave's.

All of my knobs are made by hand one at a time although matched sets can be made. All knobs are made of hard-wood, much of which is exotic and some rare. No stain nor paint is used (with the single exception of Mahogany which is stained). Stain is available for light colored wood such as Maple but must be specifically requested. All knobs are finished with multiple coats of flat nitro cellulose lacquer.

Every knob includes a heavy brass core with set-screws included. As you can see from the pics, most of these knobs are for longer shafts (1") but those with thin skirts or no skirts can be made for shorter shafts if requested. All of my knobs have been made for 1/4" shafts but custom sizes can be made on request.

Hard-wood species most commonly used include;

Padauk  a real favorite of mine that comes from Africa. An extremely hard and heavy open grained wood that has a beautiful deep red color in it's natural state. It is used for grips and skirts, particularly thick skirts (see pic).

Ebony  another hard and heavy closed grained wood that is jet black, some with streaks or grey or brown. This is quickly becoming more and more rare and prices reflect the fact. It makes beautiful skirts for any specie of grip.

Lace Wood  rare but beautifully striking. A delicate web of cells make this wood appear as fish scales. It is a rusty brown with gold-edged scales. I have no knob pics of this specie as yet but it will definitely make outstanding skirts or grips.

Mahogany  straight open grain offers the subdued beauty of this hard-wood. It is used for grips and skirts alike.....skirts can be fashioned very thick which adds dramatic depth definition to any knob.

Big Leaf Maple  this is the choice for backs and sides of archtop guitars and is a fine closed grained hard-wood ideal for about any application. The skirt for the knob on Dave's set is this fine Maple. This lends itself to rich stains if desired.

Cherry and other domestic woods can be used by request.

Countless combinations are possible with these species of wood. Styles include fluted grips, plain grips, bullet-nosed grips as well as custom designs made from any specie except Ebony. Ebony can be used but the price would necessarily be steep!

Skirts can be made of any specie and can also be marked with any degrees requested from one mark to 360 marks. Marks are actually razor thin cuts and require substantial time to apply but the added costs is well worth it.

Skirts and grips can theoretically be any size normally used for radios. Ebony skirts, however, are limited to around 3" diameter maximum. Thick ebony skirts are also possible but at a cost!

Price listing is difficult with so many options. An example such as the fluted padauk grip with a 3" diameter and 5/16" thick Ebony skirt without markings (shown in one of the photos) would cost about $20.00. A similar knob with a padauk or Mahogany skirt of even greater thickness (1/2") would be the same cost.

Markings on skirts pictured here are not of the razor thin quality being offered. This new capability allows 360 marks on a 2 1/2" diameter skirt to be distinct and clean. Costs reflect labor time required and would be based upon the number of degrees needed. An example would be 180 marks for a 1 to 180 degree scale costing $7.50. Pictures featuring this option are coming soon.

Any questions or comments or threats can be directed to me at the address on my contact page.

Thank you for stopping by.

Handmade Radio Knobs   Handmade Radio Knobs

Handmade Radio Knobs