Tom's Handmade Radios Contact Page

Most everything shown in SALE area of my site is not actually in stock. These sets have already found happy homes. But I will build more like them. Parts, fixtures and most sets must be built to order unless tagged as AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY.

All of my radios are one-of-a-kind however I will build a lot of them again along very similar lines but I will incorporate variations in order to preserve the one-of-a-kind asset. I will describe those variations to anyone interested in the building of a set before I begin an order.

I will always entertain your ideas for projects of your own design. Just send me an email of what you have in mind and we can go from there. I get a lot of inspiration from this very source and so it is very much welcomed.

Parts, components and materials are getting more costly all the time and some of it is becoming more and more difficult to find. Payment is expected prior to the gathering of these items and the commencement of work. In many cases there will be orders already on the board that must be completed before new orders can be started. I always advise how long a delay might be before we close a deal. Nobody likes unexpected or hidden delays.

Shipping costs must also be determined before we close a deal. I use Priority Mail exclusively because of a much higher damage free shipment experience. Insurance on fragile items is recommended but is always the option of the customer.

Payment may be via personal check, paypal or money order. Mailed payments should be addressed to:

Tom Kipgen
354 S. Council Rd
Crescent, Ok 73028

I can be reached at